Mechanical Design
Figure 1_Slider Crank Mech.JPG

Shock Tester


The design of this shock testing machine was produced through two projects that were assigned while enrolled in the Machine Design II course at Purdue University. Both projects focused on designing separate sections of the machine that were later brought together as a cohesive unit. The overall goal of the projects was to design a linkage system and gearbox that could withstand the loads associated with testing the performance of an OEM shock. 

The first project explored the linkage mechanism of the machine. A series of equations and solving methods were derived using MATLAB to create meaningful data representing the kinematics, applied forces, failure criterion, and geometry of each individual component making up the testing machine. 



The second project explored the gearbox driving the machine. The spur gears, gear shafts, keys, and bearings were all designed in this project.