Mechanical Design

Driftwood Lamp


This design project was a personal project aimed at re-purposing driftwood into an elegantly functional desk lamp. The lamp centerpiece is a uniquely shaped piece of wood collected on the Ohio River bank, selected for its interesting curves that vaguely resemble a common desk lamp. The wood was drilled and milled to house the bright white LEDs and accompanied wire. It was then attached to a milled block of clear stained walnut with fasteners seated in a hidden pocket underneath the base.

The driftwood was particularly difficult to machine due to its irregular shape which called for inventive ways to handle the piece while milling the LED slot. Overall, the project forced me to use familiar machining equipment in unfamiliar ways, helping me better understand the limitations of current tools and becoming more aware of designing for machining/manufacturing - and it was a load of fun to make. In retrospect, I would have liked to spend more time on the exposed wiring. I used electrical tape to wrap the wires but in the future I would use something more aesthetically pleasing.